20% off on unassembled kits

A Geodesic dome kit is a set of triangles and horizontal base walls that bolt together to form most of the structures exterior. They are the framing for your building.

...My kits are somewhat better for several reasons. One is that the design of an overlayed strut triangle kit waste no lumber and does not side cut out any strength from the material. The strut ends are fastened with 3" galvanized deck screws. I also only use structural long leaf yellow pine for the main struts and lightweight spruce for the inner wall 16" center studs.

...It's a simple project. I do the intricate saw and or assembly work . You assemble on your deck or foundation and spend as much as you like finishing the dome shells iinterior and exterior.

...By deciding on your openings, extensions and window placement you can order the parts you need and do some of the wall framing to close in particular areas in a conventional way of frame carpentry. Any good experienced carpenter or general contractor will have no problem finishing the framing and should view the dome project as simply a custom home.

... If it's a dome, an A-Frame or a conventional bolt together truss home you need, I can build the components with complete assembly instructions. It is really a simple project and most of the kits can be put together in one or two days with a good plan.

...The Geodesic Dome Kits I build and sell are a high quality product made from the best materials and machined to exact tolerances before assembling .I give the customer a choice of OSB or plywood .The triangles are shipped assembled and all you do is set them up and bolt them to each other.

...The prices in the price chart show components and kit prices. If you need fewer triangles or base walls {see "Construction"} they are subtracted from the total cost. ...I prefer you come here and pick up the kits on a 2 axle trailer or comparable truck. The kits and let the owner do the rest. It would be difficult for me to travel around the country and set up domes. Some companies do but the cost is reflected in their higher kit prices.

...The kits include the triangles and straight base walls, steel straps extra for the kit and new galvanized bolts, nuts,flatwashers plus foundation blueprints and instructions. You then bolt the kit together and frame in for your windows and doors. Shingle, insulate and sheetrock and then add interior walls of your design.
.... ...The average 40' dome takes 4-8 weeks to build . Small domes take about 4 weeks. Terms are 60% down and the balance paid before shipping begins.You can also pay in full up front ...I will answer any questions you have preferrably by e-mail.If you need to know more about DOMES please order the book I have for $14.95 It is a technical book and should make a dome builder out of anyone. In fact you could build any size dome with the books information if you are good at math.

Good luck with your dome project!