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FOR A-FRAME OR DOME KITS AND PLANS INFORMATION- DAVID MARTIN - 865-248-4161 E-Mail SouthEastDomes@aol.com for any questions You may have. Books are now sent as a PDF file to your e-mail address.

Architectural Building Booklets
$14.95 Each

"Building Geodesic Domes"

8-1/2 x 11"
Order the Book "Building Geodesic Domes"
- Includes triangle angles & chordfactors to
determine lengths for any size dome
12" Paper Model Instructions
overlap sequence drawings and formulas for correction factors
and base foundation layouts
"Unknown secrets of solid triangle dome building"
3 Frequency dome generated from an icosahedron.
You can build Domes with this Book Alone!
Send $14.95 Cash,Check or Money Order or Use Your Credit Card with Pay Pal

Make Checks Out to: South East Domes

State:__________ Zip:____________

DOME BOOK "Building Geodesic Domes" ________ $14.95 Each

A-FRAME BOOK "Building A-Frame Homes"______ $14.95 Each

"Building A-Frame Homes"

The Book "Building A Frame Homes" $14.95
2 Floor Plans-16x24,28x48-Techniques of Construction- Foundation Anchoring- Adding Straight walls -Bolt Together A-Frame Trussing- Original two Level Trusses Require no Scaffolding! - 11 Pages - 15 Drawings - 8-1/2 x 11 Paper. I am now including a BONUS PDF file that is the complete 18 x 24' A-Frame Plan a $100.00 BONUS ! 8 Extra Pages with CAD Drawings!

Send Mail Orders to: David Martin III
160 Bream Lane
Kingston , TN


Terms of Kit sales are: 60% up front in personal check or Money Order. A signed Contract of Labor with all details of will be provided for you to sign and return before downpayment. All kits built have to be picked up here in Kingston, Tennessee 37763 with a 2 axle trailer 16' or more or an equivalent truck Loading is free and usually takes less than 1 hour. The remaining 40% is due in cash on site before loading. You can estimate your a-frame kit at $4.25 a square foot on the ground floor. This is for trusses on 2' centers with 2x6 side walls, 2x8 lower floor joists, 1/2 upper floor joists in 2x6, all 1/2 " bolts, nuts and flat washers both sides are included. Also included: 60 degree ripped lower gutter plates, ridge beam, 2' overhang trusses with connecting parts in 2x4. Other lumber sizes are available with an adjusted cost. Plans are usually between $200 and $450.00 The plans cost are refunded if I build the kit for you. Every A-Frame is different and usually requires you to send me sketches of your idea to evaluate and use to estimate. Normal building time is between 4-6 weeks for A-Frames and sometimes longer for domes. For Dome Kits: You can look at the price sheet under "Prices" but the prices are subject to change with current lumber prices. E-Mail with any questions on plans and kits.

Geodesic Math

Lengths = Radius{Any Size}x Chord Factor
A=.3486 B=.4035 C=.4124

7 8 9 /
4 5 6 *
1 2 3 -
0 +/- . +

Surface Area of a Circle: 3.1416 x Radius x Radius
Center Height 3/8 Sphere: 3 x Diameter / 8
Center Height 5/8 Sphere: 5 x Diameter / 8
Volume of a sphere: 4 x 3.1416 x Radius x Radius X Radius /3
Volume of a Hemisphere: 4 x 3.1416 X R X R X R /3 Divided by 2
Circumference of a Circle: 3.1416 x Diameter

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