"The  Saucer  Book"

   No we aren't talking about flying saucers or ufo's , this is the real thing in the 21st century. Exploring the Earth is about as close as most of us will ever get to a space voyage so why not take advantage of all this technology and explore like young Scientists.

   "The Saucer Book" is my version of Homer Price, the boy that discovered he had a talent for invention early on. In any case you will find that the benefit kids and older kids will get out of this range from basic bitmap drawing skills on the computer to a pre- calculus look into the physics of hulls and their safety and usefulness.

   The 3.5" disc that accompanies the book is loaded with pre drawn templates from which you can compose various hulls and interiors on any scale. It also contains various ideas on which to base sailboat, electric boat and solar powered boat designs.

    You will find that after working with the disc and book you will have newly enhanced understanding of boats, safety at sea, hurricane forces and extreme survival conditions that can happen at a moments notice when the weather changes.

    You have see how the NASCAR driver survives in a crash now look at the sea as an equal force in nature that can dish out 200mph winds and requires roll cages and seatbelt harnesses to survive.

     This is an excellent present to anyone that enjoys engineering and the excitement of an adventure.

                                                                               David C. Martin III     Author




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