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100' Live Aboard

Base Price -14 Staterooms-$24.5 Million

Please Allow 24 Months for Delivery

Is it a glimpse of what to look for in the future? Possibly. Here are a few designs of Ocean Saucers with a dome control room. Check them out then design one of your own. They can be motorized, solar powered, sail powered or just sit at anchor for an on the water condo. What a way to have your own moat around the castle!!

Click Here for a Full Mast View

The huge cargo capabilities and aerodynamic qualities of the vessel make it a viable option to consider where a displacement hull with shallow draft qualities are necessary.The hulls stability is unsurpassed with an equal beam-length where a wide hull can be used to access major ports or beach landings. An option designed into the hull is a boarding ramp that can be made to extend over 175' maximum very much like a ladder on a firetruck. This would allow the saucer to sit at anchor while having access to a dock, loading platform or bare earth landing site.

This Offshore Adventure is destined to be one of the wonders of the world. The ship itself,a 100' Twin Masted Ocean Saucer outfitted to be the state of the art in electronics and gear will be a futuristic yacht at which all will marvel.

    After much research of weather conditions and hazards encountered offshore this concept vessell surfaced as one of the best aerodynamic and hydronamic choices for areas where winds may reach 250 m.p.h and waves have been known to reach 100' or more. The mathmatics of the ship are unsurpassed for strength of design and economy of manufacture.By using bolted panels for the hull, deck and dome control room , a new dimension is created in large passenger vessels. The components can be made from only a few small molds and the parts transported to the assembly location. Not only a preformer in concept but also an artistic and unique ship that will fit in to the theme of modern engineering for all times.

Through the Hull View
Note Steel Framework

Base Price-Finished Interior-$2,400,000.00

29' Twin Masted Saucer

Please Allow 18 Months for Delivery
Full Headroom Model in Fiberglass