Sports & Leisure Aboard

   When I put together the vacation idea at Seatreck, I wanted to include a variety of things that would make a Tropical Island cruise the best on Earth                                                                       

   While moving, by sail or power, the ship becomes a Billfish & Wahoo trolling machine. I have limited the number of trolling chairs to three, therefore, drawing straws for an hour at a time is something we must endure. of course with a fish on, the chair is your's to command till the fish is in or you break your line. It wouldn't supprise me to see a few trollers working off the side of the boat with a Penn Senator either. The three chair reels will of course be the famous Penn Internationals and hopefully at least one electric.

   When the ship makes anchor bottom fishing is the sport. Free rigs and bait is the norm and below there's a cleaning rack if you want your catch for dinner. Want to save those fish? A huge freezer is on board for just that, and large enough for the largest Marlin.

  Diving is another main on board. In the sport room there are lockers for your tanks and spares with a Certified Diving instructor to help you with a dive plan, tank filling and computerized dive time and depth calculations. Be sure and bring your cameras , these cruises anchor at the top dive sites on Earth.

  If it's Island Exploration you like the ship carries it's own fleet of zodiacs. The sport room looks like a Honda shop with 4 Jet skis, 5 zodiacs and 6 Windsurfers. There's something for everyone. 

   As night draws near the ship makes a port in an Island Cove. Your welcome to go ashore but be back by morning, if you get lost we'll have to send a zodiac to pick you up.

     Looks like it's the best plan there ever was so let's get that first ship built!