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     Plans for Seatreck Domes are hand drawn and copied on drafting paper. They include all angles and dimensions for overlaps of struts including the math explanation and various formulas I have worked out that probably don't exist with any other plans sets from other companies. After a discussion with one of the nations leading architects at the 1982 Worlds Fair in Knoxville Tennessee, I formulated my version of an over layed strut wood dome. Unlike others I used a central brace and 16" centers that make my design the strongest available. I use yellow pine as struts . You should use structural lumber with a shear strength at least equal to western cedar. Yellow pine is one of the strongest. Other good woods are: oak, popular, cypress, teak and mahogany. Avoid white pine or other softwoods for main structural components.

   With each plans set I include instructions that cover every aspect of the building. This includes methods of production with a radial arm saw or a skill saw and instructions on drilling, bolting foundations, floors and finishing. I also include several blank drawings for the 15 sided floor plan so you can experiment with your ideas. Also covered is shingling and fiber glassing for the roof.