Tennessee Hardwoods

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The wood is available in quantitie.

Due to extensive research of sources, exotic domestic wood is available in large quantities here in the South Eastern United States. The photo shows oak being pre cut before it is finished on a wood maximizing computerized Japanese Bandsaw valued at over 2 million dollars at one of the many source locations. It guarrantees the very best clear grain wood on the market today.
This wood is fresh off the saw {not kiln dried} and is hand selected for a top grade load if need be. I can also air dry and coming soon kiln dried and/or planed. The wood is suitable for furniture, flooring, boat building or general construction purposes.

The best wood is 1" thick, 12' long random width material. Custom sizing is available in 1/2 or full semi loads-any dimension. I will do my best to beat anyones price on a particular order.

We will maintain an Escrow Bank Account with a trustee at the local Union Planters Bank for all money transfers to shipping companies and mills during the aqusition process.
The wood is also available for railroad car shipments, sent from Knoxville TN which equal approximately 220,000 lbs. or 4+ semi tractor loads. Each 17,000 board feet are approximately 93,000 lbs.
Inquires will be answered from either e-mail requests or by phone.

David Martin Owner
Ph: 865-717-1068


David Martin
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